Management Consulting - Human Resources

Human Resources

Gilbert & Associates provides consulting and contractual services in Total Rewards, Training and Recruiting.  Total Rewards includes Compensation, Benefits and Performance Management.

Gilbert & Associates provides training and development in the above-mentioned areas as well as in Leadership Development, Performance Management, Policy Training and Mediation.  The focus is on three areas:

1.  Leadership Development and Coaching

2.  Compliance to State and Federal laws

3.  Performance Management

Gilbert & Associates also works with affiliate companies to assist clients in staffing professional to executive level positions.  Positions we typically assist in filling are:

1.  Senior Engineering to Chief Operating Officers

2.  Program Managers/Profit Center Heads

3.  Senior Management (CFO, COO, CEO, CPO, CFO, Controller,...)


Industries we have worked with and hope to continue to work with and expand from include:


1.  Manufacturing

2.  Healthcare

3.  Financial Services

4.  Professional Services    


Gilbert & Associates

Building successful HR Solutions one step at a time in:

Performance Management - designing, auditing, developing metrics and modifying to align with organizational goals and objectives, competencies and behaviors necessary to reach success.  Being SMART about being successful.

Compensation Management  -  design in base, incentive and equity compensation plans to drive high level performance.  Building programs to attract ideal candidates and retain high end performers.  Administration, design, audit for compliance, fairness and alignment.  Training and development of compensation committees and teams to assess and manage internal and external competitive balance, job evaluation systems and linkages to performance management. 

Benefits Management  -  assist in identifying demographic needs and utilization of existing plans to steer organizational changes where best fit budget and organizational needs and direction.  Audits of beneft plans to verify enrollment files match invoices and payroll DOE's.  Compliance with state and federal laws, communications (newsletters, announcements, revisions of plan documents, spd's and 5500's). 

Staffing & Recruiting  -  Assist in identifying key competencies to locate ideal candidates with strong qualifications.  Working with various regional and national recruiting firms to secure top-notch talent. 

Leadership Development  -  Assist in identifying key contributors through performance management process, assessment tools and succession planning, establishing gap analysis based on short and long term development needs.   This includes coaching, mentoring and advising.  This includes identifying key training programs that specifically fit organizational and individual needs.